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Serendipity in the Closet

I’ve been working on my morning routine – paring choices to ensure smooth sailing to getting to work on time. Simplify; start my workday with a calm, centered presence that is conducive to finding flow. No more frantic mornings.


Standing in my closet faced with another day of too many choices, it struck me that I have several clothes in my favorite colors. Hmm… It looks like I could wear the same color every day for one week. And so the experiment was launched. I busied myself with sorting by color groups; white, brown, green, blue, black, pink, red, and the oddballs. I found that I could indeed wear a single color scheme each week for eight weeks. Immediate liberation! Now I would only have to choose between 5 tops instead of 40 since all my pants and skirts are neutral.


So far I’ve had white week, pink week, blue week, and brown week. This week is black week. I’m surprised by the results so far. Reducing morning choices is brilliant. In fact, I found that I had already planned my outfits for the entire week on Sunday and I just went to the closet each morning and got dressed – no struggling over what to wear. The best part of this experiment was unintended. By challenging myself to wear all of the clothes in my closet, I confirmed the clothing that makes me feel beautiful and those that make me feel frumpy. I discovered clothing that doesn’t fit well anymore and clothing that fits better now on my menopause-induced curvy body. At the end of this experiment I’ll donate the flotsam and keep those items that inspired personal confidence in my appearance.


Conventional advice about closet cleaning asks you to pack away items you haven’t worn in the last six months. I found that treating this as a mental exercise did little to thin the herd. By wearing everything, the weeding becomes a joyful activity, leaving only those items that flatter and that you truly love. Who thought that you could find flow in the closet? One step closer to a simple, uncluttered, present life. Try it.



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