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Happy Birthday G


For today, my blog turns to a personal message for G – my one and only who shows me every day that flow in marriage is divine.

Happy Birthday G! My husband, lover, confidant, and playmate. I can harldy believe that it’s been a year since we last romped in Key West to celebrate your mid-century. And now my mid-century birthday is just around the corner. What adventures are in store for us in the next 50! Before we know it our four daughters will be finished with college, law school, and whatever other educational avenues they choose to pursue. There will be weddings and baby showers and new jobs and moves. Which one of the daughters will be the first to send us off on our motorcycles with a grandchild hanging on for dear life and loving every second? That answer may surprise all of us!

On this most special of days, I want you to know that I love you completely. I know I’m not the easiest person to live with – my pickiness is most often boundless. The fact that you love me in spite of me makes me love you all the more. You are the most loving, kind, and big-hearted person I know. You encourage me to go after my dreams and I know that impossible dreams will come true with you by my side. This life journey would be oh so loney if not for you.


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